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IIA+ Investment Ideas Algorithm
Automated algorithm for analyzing financial markets
Low Risk
Low Risk
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1 month

Об инвестиционной идее

Investment Ideas Algorithm is an advanced AI development from the company's programmers. The algorithm combines immediately 4 types of classical analytics of financial markets, processes a large array of database information of many trading terminals, determining the most popular assets at the moment.

The system analyzes all the information received on the priority of the risk to return ratio, the ratio of demand and supply of the asset by other market participants, the ratio of open Buy/Sell positions and trading volumes over the past 3 days.
The algorithm was developed in close collaboration with leading experts in the AI industry and investment mutual funds, and was also tested on the 7 most liquid indexes in the world.

The uniqueness of the Investment Ideas Algorithm lies in patent development and closed access to the algorithm, which preserves exclusive access to the product of the our company.
The risk level is reduced to the minimum possible, but it exists.
For the users of the program there is the possibility of choosing the level of risk,
namely -5% or -10% of the invested funds.
Company prospects
A feature of the algorithm is its functional ability of the neural network to learn itself and to eliminate errors made during the analysis.
This function allows you to non-stop detect new system errors and immediately fix them, allows you to inform the company’s developers about the necessary algorithm adjustments to update the functionality and quality of work, and also releases timely technical updates to quickly adapt to the developing technologies of trading terminals.
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Investment Ideas Algorithm
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IIA+ Investment Ideas Algorithm

Negative factors:
Not able to carry out fundamental market analysis
Not adapted to respond to market panic tensions
Positive factors:
Impartiality in opening and fixing trading positions
Continuous analysis of a wide range of technical indicators
Stable work with a large number of assets at the same time
Ability to work 24/7 in any market without human involvement
It has no errors related to the human factor

Human analytics

Negative factors:
Emotional involvement and inability to close a deal on time
Subjective approach to choosing assets under the influence of personal preferences
The effect of fatigue on decision making, inability to work 24/7
The influence of other traders and market sentiment when making decisions
Fear of making a mistake and losing invested funds
It takes more time to fully analyze one tool
Positive factors:
The ability to respond quickly to fundamental external factors
The ability to understand the general mood of the market and avoid hype
The ability to work effectively even with medium sized accounts

How to get started with the Investment Ideas Algorithm

1. Sign Up
First you need to register a personal account that will give you access to the list of tools available for investment
Min. deposit
2. Deposit Fund
As part of the service for providing trading signals, the customer is required to have start-up capital to start work. The minimum amount available to work with Algorithm IIA+ is $300. Top-ups can be done using a debit/credit card, Wire Transfer and BTC cryptocurrency.
3. Start Algorithm IIA+
After replenishment of the account, our manager will contact you and help you connect the algorithm. Connection takes no more than 10 minutes. Receive signal from IIA+Telegram, eMail, WhatsApp
Receive signal from IIA+
Telegram, eMail, WhatsApp
4. Receive a signal
When the connection of the algorithm is complete, you need to tell the manager the convenient time for receiving the signals, the financial sector of the market you are interested in, the number of positions you are ready to receive and the method of receiving the signal.
Profit forecast
14.9% month
5. Open position
Once you have received a signal from the IIA+ Algorithm, you need to go to the trading terminal, find the name of the signal in the search window, select the amount of funds to be invested in the instrument and indicate the direction of the signal.
Funds are withdrawn to
Mastercard, Visa, Wire Transfer, Crypto BTC
6. Make a profit
When there is a profit from the signal and it is ready to be closed, the algorithm or a personal manager will inform you about it. You only need to enter the trading terminal, select the open positions section and close the signal. After that, the profit obtained by the signal will be displayed on your balance.

Benefits of investment with Axis

24/7 support
Our managers provide support throughout the transaction. You can also contact us by Telegram @___ or by phone number____
Millions of dollars are needed to buy stocks on the OTC market. We have assembled a group of traders and investors, allowing everyone to participate in such transactions with various amounts.
Maximum Security
Venture capital investments are characterized by a high degree of risk due to investing in new or growing companies, in anticipation of a multiple increase in capitalization. We select companies that already have strong financial performance and plan to IPO in the near future. This approach allows you to limit the over-risks associated with the bankruptcy of new companies and significantly increase profits compared to investors buying shares by subscription.